Jamie’s first post – Women in Middle Eastern Societies

1 03 2012

As part of my efforts to get my head around what ‘looking outwards’ entails I decided to get the students in a seminar I teach on Women In Middle Eastern Societies (a second year module in Religions and Theology here at Manchester) to help me to create a Google website on the topic.

The idea is that the students and I can work together to create a sort of resource bank on the topics that we’re covering on a weekly basis. It’s a subject that’s of great contemporary interest and there are lots of materials available on the Internet with which the students and I can engage. Potentially there’s a lot we can do with it.

Here’s a link to the website as it stands so you can see where we’ve got to so far: Women in the Middle East. Please look beyond the uninspiring front page (which I hope to jazz up over the next few weeks) and look at some of the materials we’ve collated/ and summarised so far.

Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully post a few thoughts about what the students are getting out of it, whether what we’re doing does represent ‘looking outwards’ and how much of my time it’s taking up.

Important points to note so far:

  1. It’s dead easy to set up a website using Google Sites – and relatively easy to edit once you’ve spent a bit of time in there.
  2. It’s not that time-consuming to put items on there. I’ve encouraged the students to add their own materials and several of them have done so – although some have preferred to send me materials to upload. My eventual aim is for the students to take ownership of the site so that I can concentrate on thinking up interesting and useful activities for them to do with it… This may take a while to achieve.
  3. All posts and edits are anonymous so no-one can be identified from the material that they are posting.

Hello world!

1 03 2012

We set up this page to help us and the participants prepare for a workshop we are running at the University of Manchester in May 2012: ‘Theology and Religious Studies looking outwards: knowledge transfer as a strategy for learning and assessment in the T&RS curriculum’.

To find out more about the workshop click here. To register for it click here.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be adding more resources to the site, reflecting on the subject of knowledge transfer in the Theology and Religious Studies curriculum (and our own experiences of trying to make it happen!) and planning the event itself.

We welcome your thoughts and input!